7 Tips For Getting More Physical Activity Into Your Routine

May16th 2022

Whether you realize it or not, you’re probably living a very sedentary life. It’s pretty common to be less active the older we get, but if we want to remain as healthy as possible, we must incorporate as much physical activity into our daily lives as we can!

Some people make the excuse that they don’t have time to exercise because of their job, kids, sports, or other things they like to fit in their routine.

This isn’t a valid excuse, however! There are many easy ways to increase your levels of fitness that most people can include in their everyday routine!

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The problem with chronic inactivity…

You may not realize it, but we truly do become more inactive over time. There are a few causes of inactivity, which can include everything from a busy schedule to a physical condition that prevents you from being as active as you should be.

If you don’t engage in enough physical activity, you might struggle with weak muscle tone or aching joints. According to the Arthritis Foundation, the more inactive you’re being, the easier it is for you to become tired. There are lots of other physical ailments that come with inactivity, such as:

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Poor Blood Circulation
  • Weakened Bones
  • Increased Inflammation/Swelling

Want to avoid these problems? Make sure the activity you’re getting in every day is enough to help you do that. Following the above-mentioned 7 tips can be the difference between enjoying your life and having to deal with a chronic pain condition down the road.

Simple things to increase your fitness levels

Below are seven great ways to add more physical activity into your routine, and improve your overall fitness and health!

  1. Get a push mower this summer. Strengthen those muscles when you’re doing yardwork as the months get warmer. Using a push mower to cut your grass is a great way to get this chore accomplished while also getting in some daily activity.
  2. Take the stairs at work. – If you live in an apartment building or work in a high-rise building with tons of floors, you definitely have a good opportunity to get a workout in. Even if you only have a few flights to go, over time it’ll make a noticeable difference. If you’re coming back from lunch with a friend, tell them you’ll meet them at the top and then take the stairs!
  3. Get that bike out. – Got a bike? Do you live in a rural area? If so, great! This is a wonderful opportunity to get your bike out of the garage and go for a spin. Even if you don’t live in a rural area, no worries. Lots of suburban/urban areas have bike trails and paths. Bike riding is a fun and easy way to get a good workout into your day.
  4. Choose a parking spot further away from the entrance of the store. Look, we understand that you want to find a sport as close to the supermarket’s front door as possible. Although it may appear to be a good idea that saves you time at first, it isn’t always the best option if you want to add more exercise to your routine. Even something as simple as parking far away can provide an additional opportunity to get some daily walking in.
  5. Adopt a dog. – We hope you have a soft spot for animals! Getting a dog can keep you active and provide a variety of health benefits (especially if it’s a puppy, which has a lot of energy and encourages you to go out and exercise with them!) If you already have a dog, make sure you take it for a daily walk. If you don’t have a dog, the Mayo Clinic recommends borrowing one, so ask your friends if you can play with theirs when they’re not busy!
  6. Sit on the floor. – It’s not just for kids or college students who don’t have couches! When you’re folding laundry, watching TV, or reading a book, sitting on the floor is a great option. Even as an adult, it can increase your activity level because you will naturally stretch your limbs and move more to reach things while sitting on the floor.
  7. Take breaks more often to stand up. – If you spend the majority of your day in front of a computer, you should add your name to the long list of Americans who live sedentary lifestyles. Consider getting a standing desk that allows you to stand while you work to change things up and prevent future health problems. If you don’t have access to a standing desk, getting up and walking around every half hour to an hour will significantly increase your overall physical activity.

How can a physical therapist help me become more active?

If you’re suffering from the side effects of an inactive lifestyle, physical therapy could be the answer.

Physical therapists are trained movement specialists who know how to pinpoint underlying pain conditions and treat them with targeted massage, exercises and stretches.

A physical therapist can provide manual therapies that will not only increase your flexibility but also improve your range of motion. They can also give you at-home exercises to do as well! Most likely, you will have a physical therapy program created especially for you and your needs.

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You want to keep your muscles, tendons, and joints flexible so you can lead a pain-free life, right? To do this, it’s important to stay as active as possible.

Try adding a couple of the ways to exercise (listed above) to your daily routine to keep moving. Don’t forget, working with a licensed physical therapist can also help you stay fit and healthy! Contact us today to find out how we can help you get back to an active lifestyle.