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Patient Testimonials

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    They are taking extra COVID precautions.

    Very nice kind staff. Everyone takes COVID precautions. They are very friendly and they make it easy and enjoyable. Very clean office and facilities. The practice is a very comfortable environment, especially with this being my first time in PT. Very grateful for Donald and everyone on the team!

    - Shay R.
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    I recognize REDCORE physical therapy to anyone I had issues with my back for many years since I started therapy at REDCORE my pain is getting better most important is that both staffs and the manager are nice to me and everyone else .

    Very knowledgeable in their field and they work to make individualized PT plans. The staff members are very friendly. They are not only great physical therapist, but they also make me feel like I am among friends. The staff have answers to my questions. I recommend REDCORE physical therapy to anyone. I had issues with my back for many years. Since I started therapy at REDCORE, my pain is getting better. Most importantly is the staffs and the managers are nice to me and everyone else . I go to is the 311 E st Nicholas Ave Ridgewood, NY 11386 location. All of the staff at this location are very helpful and kind. ❤️

    - Jenifer M.
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    Thery are the best!

    I have had many surgeries where rehab was needed and this was one of the best experiences that I have had.

    The staff are very friendly. Physical Therapy is hard, but they know what they are doing and know how hard to push you to get you better.

    - Paul F.
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    They helped me recover from my back surgery.

    Professional, friendly and organized staff.

    Thanks for taking care of my back after a risky surgery

    - Fady A.
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    They are the best.

    Best staff & physical therapy around the area. Highly recommended.

    - Dan
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    I highly recommend~

    She is superbly good, the characters who treat me with my therapy are incredible. Excellent people and very professional in everything. I recommend.

    - Roman F.
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    Excellent place to recovery

    The recommended care is very good.

    - Victor S.
  • Redcore Wellness Potrait

    Great place for PT

    Very good service. A lot of responsibility and excellent.

    - Natividad V.