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Pain relief treatment in New York Jul10th 2023

You Can Rid Your Body of Aches and Pains – Without Opioids!

You don’t need to have a history of addiction to become dependent on opioids – in fact, many people who become addicted have never had any issues with drug dependency in the past. Fortunately, physical therapy can help provide the same pain relief in a much safer, healthier, and natural way. As stated by the

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Jan10th 2022

Not Feeling Your Best? Proper Nutrition Can Help!

Feel Like Yourself Once Again with Nutritional Changes In your daily struggle against pain and inflammation, are you reaching for a pill bottle, or are you looking for a healthy lifestyle change? That latter choice will do more for you in terms of long-term function, mobility, and safety. But what kinds of lifestyle changes should

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Dec10th 2021

Living with Painful Joints? PT Can Help in These 4 Ways

Arthritis is a common joint pain problem that can affect people of all ages. While there is no cure for arthritis, with physical therapy, you can learn how to manage your arthritis pain naturally. For many people with chronic arthritis pain, prescription pain medications may seem like the only way to relieve pain. However, our

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