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Category: Stretching

Stretching exercise in New York Jun10th 2023

Add Stretching to Your Daily Routine to Improve Your Health

Is it possible to increase your total health, wellness, and quality of life with a few simple physical motions? When it comes to stretching, the answer is unmistakably yes. For this reason, stretching exercises are a common part of physical therapy. You might be shocked to see how many different ways stretches can benefit you.

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Physical Therapy For Soccer Performance Training | RedCore Physical Therapy Nov20th 2022

Physical Therapy For Soccer Performance Training

Are you struggling to recover from a soccer injury? Are you looking to take your training to the next level? At RedCore Physical Therapy in The Bronx, Ridgewood, Brooklyn, NY, our therapists understand the most effective way to resolve your injuries and enhance your soccer-specific training for optimal performance! Soccer is the most popular youth

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Feb10th 2022

Are You Causing Damage By Skipping Stretching During Your Workout?

It’s no secret: Americans do not engage in enough physical activity on a daily basis! With our jobs and working from home for the majority of last year, we’re leading very sedentary lives. It’s just not good for you, but it’s the reality for many. The truth is that adults in good health should aim

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