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Physical Therapy Treatment in New York May20th 2024

5 Reasons Physical Therapy May Change Your Life

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, almost 100 million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain. So, if you’ve been suffering from chronic pain for three months or longer, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, this means that people’s reliance on prescription pharmaceuticals is increasing all the time. In 2013, doctors in the

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Therapeutic Massage Treatment in New York Apr20th 2024

Therapeutic Massage Could Change The Way You Move!

If you’re an athlete, you’re well aware of the commitment required. It’s no secret that substantial training is required whether preparing for a major game, competition, concert, or marathon. As a result, you’re likely to hit a hurdle along the route owing to sore or stiff muscles. Thankfully, therapeutic massage can assist. Massage therapy relieves

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Neck and Back Pain Relief Treatment in New York Apr10th 2024

How A Stronger Core Can Help With Balance Issues

Have you been feeling shaky and off balance lately? The culprit might be a weak core! Having a weak core might make you feel unbalanced, but the good news is that physical therapy can help you strengthen your core and improve your balance as well. Physical therapy should include core strength training. Your core muscles

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