Agility Training at RedCore Physical Therapy Can Help You Gain An Edge In Your Sport!

Agility Training at RedCore Physical Therapy Can Help You Gain An Edge In Your Sport! - Redcore Physical Therapy Jan20th 2023

Are you an athlete looking to gain an edge in your sport and perform at the top of your game? Are you recovering from an injury and struggling to get your quickness back?

At RedCore Physical Therapy in Ridgewood, ​The Bronx, and Brooklyn, NY, our physical therapists are movement specialists and can help you learn to use speed and agility training to gain that edge you’ve been looking for!

Agility is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily. Whether in high school or on a college sports team, all athletes (even weekend warriors!) can benefit from agility training. Incorporating agility workouts are an excellent way to develop balance, coordination, strength, and explosive speed!

Whether it’s for sports, rehabilitation, or general health, agility training can help you prevent future injuries. Working on sudden changes in direction and maintaining control with challenging movements will make it less likely that you hurt yourself when you’re forced to react in real-life situations.

Our physical therapists can assess your current abilities and provide you with drills and exercises to improve your speed and agility. Request an appointment today, and let us help you accelerate past your competition!

What is agility training in Ridgewood, ​The Bronx, and Brooklyn, NY?

In the past, agility training drills consisted of pre-planned activities like cutting drills using cones, agility ladder drills, and short circuit workouts.

More recently, the training includes reactive agility training, where the athlete is asked to change directions and speed in “non-planed” patterns. This type of training uses the perceptual and reaction capabilities of the athlete.

These drills are excellent for rehabilitation purposes to ensure a recovering athlete is ready to return to sports and to help them prevent non-contact injuries in the future.

Agility training workouts will improve performance capabilities for athletes at all levels and help improve acceleration, deceleration, change direction speeds, and speed.

What to expect with physical therapy at RedCore Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists in Ridgewood, ​The Bronx, and Brooklyn, NY will start with an injury evaluation at our Ridgewood, ​The Bronx, and Brooklyn, NY clinic to determine where you have sustained injuries if you have at all. This evaluation will also consist of a thorough history to understand your overall health status and individual goals.

Next, we will focus on progressing your mobility, strength, dynamic stability, balance, and coordination. Our therapists will create a targeted, individualized plan that promotes a return to sports.

Adding speed and agility to your program will help you move more efficiently. These exercises will help to stimulate the nervous system and ensure you maximize your performance.

Speed and agility are primarily associated with athletes and occur in our everyday lives. Everyone can benefit from improved balance, quicker feet, and faster reaction time.

Schedule an appointment at RedCore Physical Therapy today

With the tools available to you at our physical therapy clinic in Ridgewood, ​The Bronx, and Brooklyn, NY, there’s no reason you can’t begin performing at the very top of your game. Contact RedCore Physical Therapy today to schedule an appointment with our movement specialists and learn more about how agility training can help you!


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